Building Health from the Inside Out: Canine Fermented Farm Superfoods

While your dog’s tail may always be wagging, the fact is, it’s easy for your furry best friend to be deficient in nutrients. Many pre-packaged dog foods focus on the macronutrients your dog needs, but many neglects vital micronutrients needed to build, restore, and maintain their overall health. 

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Just like humans, a dog’s gut microbiome is a key determinant of whether or not your canine can effectively break down the food they are eating and properly absorb and utilize the nutrients. When gut health becomes diminished, it can create nutrient deficiencies as well as health issues that may not be noticeable until the damage is already done. 

What can cause gut and digestion issues? Processed pet food is one of the most common culprits, along with your dog not getting enough exercise. Keeping your four-legged friends active and supplying them with quality dog food is imperative to protecting their health.

That all being said, there could be some early indicators that your dog isn’t getting the proper nutrition it needs. Look for changes in their coat and fur, their energy levels, and how attentive they are. If something seems off, very specific action needs to be taken with your dog’s nutrition, and the first place to start is with their overall gut health.

To amplify the gut health in your dog, you should pay close attention to their digestive health by including prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, minerals, and a vast array of vitamins and minerals. That’s where a dog-specific fermented farm superfood blend can come into play.


Supplements Aren’t Just for Humans—Your Dog Can Benefit Too!


Through the use of a precise blend of superfoods, you can notice a rapid change in your dog’s health. 

Holistic Bin has developed a canine fermented farm superfood blend that utilizes key ingredients like turmeric, spinach, pumpkin, blueberry, and beets. This supplemental food source can be added to your dog’s daily base raw or dry feed.


How Does This Canine Fermented Farm Superfoods Blend Work?


The main thing you need to consider when looking at any supplement is the quality and source. Fermenting superfoods can help unlock the nutrients so that your dog can more easily digest and absorb them. What happens with many supplements is that they are not properly broken down, which means your dog cannot fully utilize the nutrients present and reap all the benefits.

Holistic Bin uses specific fermented farm superfoods to deliver vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, K2, iron, and folate, as well as polyphenols and antioxidants. 

While the ingredients themselves provide supplemental nutrition, the fermentation of these ingredients helps promote healthy gut bacteria, which can help eliminate and destroy harmful bacteria that may enter your dog’s body and can do harm.

Below you will find an overview of the benefits from each individual fermented farm superfood that is included in the blend.


Fermented Turmeric


Turmeric has been a hot ingredient for quite some time, and the fermented version is showing an enhancement in benefits. The use of fermented turmeric can help with detoxification, aid with proper digestion, regulate blood sugar, boost immunity, and is considered a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


Fermented Spinach


The inclusion of fermented spinach in the blend provides a high concentration of zeaxanthin and carotenoids that play a role in minimizing free radical damage. In addition, fermented spinach is good for bone and eye health, can reduce blood sugar, has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, and provides dogs with many crucial nutrients to support health and immunity.


Fermented Pumpkin


A powerful ingredient that doesn’t get much attention is fermented pumpkin. This ingredient contains natural parasite prevention, aids in blood sugar regulation, and is rich in magnesium, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), and zinc. As with all the other ingredients, the fermentation process of pumpkin provides dogs with an easier-to-digest form of the ingredient while also offering probiotic benefits for gut health and immunity.


Fermented Blueberry


When it comes to antioxidants, blueberries tend to be one of the first things people think of. This superfood is loaded with anthocyanins that fight inflammation, flavanols for heart health, vitamin C for skin health, and vitamin K1 for bone health. Fermented blueberries can help protect a dog’s cells from oxidative damage and support healthy aging.


Fermented Beets


Known to help improve digestion and gut health, thanks to the fermentation process that adds helpful probiotics to a dog’s microbiome, fermented beets are a great source of vital nutrients and minerals that may be lacking in a diet, such as calcium, iron, potassium, and fiber. Fermented beets can also be a fantastic energy source to keep your dog active and ready to play, reduce inflammation, and aid in detoxification. 


Holistic Bin Canine Fermented Farm Superfoods Blend


When quality and sourcing matter, look no further than Holistic Bin. Known for their premium supplements, Holistic Bin is making it easier than ever to improve your dog’s health from the inside out.


Shoutout to Matt Weik for contributing this fantastic article!

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