Health Benefits of Himalayan Shilajit Resin

Shilajit is also known as mineral pitch. A sticky, blackish-brownish, tar-like resin rich in assorted minerals that formed by plant matter over hundreds of years old process.

  • Our shilajit resin is sourced in the remote mountains of Himalaya deep in Nepal. The local co-ops only harvest the rock resin from 18,000 ft or above each spring season.
  • Shilajit has several health benefits and is a safe and effective supplement when used correctly. It contains fulvic acid that functions as an antioxidant to improve your body's immunity.
  • Another compound that Shilajit has is humic acid. It helps reduce inflammation to the body.
  • It also contains high levels of iron perfect for people who are diagnosed with Anemia and as well as many other minerals that fight off viruses.
  • Shilajit has a naturally strong smell and taste of pungent tar-like plant matter.
  • Most brands selling shilajit resin will over-purify or filter out this pungent smell and taste to make it more appealing to the senses.
  • This over-purification removes most of the healthy minerals and nutrients which are then restored by formulating in additional humic/fulvic acids plus assorted minerals.
  • We keep our shilajit resin authentic to traditional cold water filtration, low heat purification, and sun-dried. NO additives or preserves of any kind.
  • Our high-quality authentic shilajit resin is tested in Nepal and the USA for heavy metals and contaminants, and potency.
  • We offer a more fluid-like consistency to the resin which allows greater ease of serving and prevents hardening. We also add in an additional ten to twenty percent resin volume.
  • We use glass jars as the packaging for our shilajit resin product. This kind of packaging is the ideal container to store natural products for best preservation.
  • Another reason why we chose this kind of packaging, glass is good for the environment, it is made entirely from natural materials and it is also 100% recyclable.
  • The marketing labels on the glass jars/lids have been removed making it great to the last drop!
  • On your last scoop with a stainless spoon, please soak the flint glass jar and aluminum cap in spring water for several hours to remove all the valuable resin. The ten to twenty ounces of shilajit spring water mixture can be stored in the fridge for later use.
  • Shilajit in resin form is chocked full of minerals and other healthy nutrients for total body balance, so less is the best usage recommendation. To prevent overuse or upper tolerance levels, try to cycle smart to body type and nutritional goals. Five days on two off-cycles is most recommended.

Have Fun and keep a Kaizen Approach to your Optimal Health with our Himalayan Shilajit Resin!
- Team Holistic Bin

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