How To Store Organic Batch Products

When you buy organic batch products from Holistic Bin or any other brand proper storage is essential for maximizing the shelf life of your supplements.  Our products are shipped in natural materials such as eco friendly silver rice paper, recycled brown kraft paper, and foil liners.  A foil liner helps block out UV light, preserving the integrity of our products during shipping.  Once your shipment arrives there are some easy things you can do to preserve the health benefits of your supplements and maximize their shelf life.  Follow these simple steps and tips to optimize your storage.

Storage Tips

  • Take the products out of the foil bags and transfer them by funnel into dark glass jars or bottles with secure or screw lids.

  • If at all possible use dark glass jars over clear glass as the shade of glass will help reduce UV light exposure.

  • Store your natural powders or capsules in a cool, dry space like a cupboard or refrigerator.

  • Use water resistant labels to keep track of the contents of each container and the date you received the product inside.

  • Always make sure to use dishwasher safe storage if possible and clean your containers thoroughly before refilling or swapping contents.

Types of Glass

As you may have already realized not all glass is made equal and some types of glass are better for storage than others.  While clear glass is typically the easiest to find it’s largely the least optimal type of glass for both supplement and food storage.  Colored glass for storage generally breaks down into two categories, Miron/Violet and everything else.  Green, blue, or amber glass containers do a significantly better job at reducing UV exposure compared to clear glass, but Miron (Violet) containers are the royalty of storage and preservation.
Miron Glass can be found in all shapes and sizes with wide mouth jars being particularly easy to find consistently.  It might be a little intimidating to find a non wholesale retailer but there are plenty of fantastic independent sellers on Etsy or you might want to check out Infinity Jars on Amazon.  These jars block out damaging visible light while allowing portions of infrared and UV-A light to pass through and keep the products inside fresher for a longer period of time.

Sustainable and Customer Focused

We pack our products, which are primarily in powdered form, in eco-friendly soft packaging to reduce storage, shipping, and packaging costs and pass those savings on to you, our consumer.  If you use all the information above you can continue to focus on sustainability with reusable storage while maximizing the value of your products.
Invest in your health with high quality glass jars that can be reused time and time again, protect the nutrient profile of their contents, and ultimately save money!
Keep your organic batch products stored properly and help yourself achieve your best health!!
- Team Holistic Bin
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