Is an Alkaline Body a Healthy Body? How to Prevent Acidity

When it comes to health, everyone is quick to mention that a well-balanced diet is vital. A nutrient-dense nutrition plan is a fantastic way to take in a bunch of micronutrients to help optimize the body and its overall functioning. But one aspect that isn’t talked about openly is moving towards a more alkaline body.

Now, you might be scratching your head wondering what exactly that means. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, with more and more science coming out on the subject, people are finding incredible benefits that can support their healthy lifestyle and ensure their mental and physical performance remains elevated.

In this article, we are going to dive into the benefits of having an alkaline body and how you can prevent your body from becoming acidic and doing harm to your cells that can cause illness and disease.

Disclaimer: As always, you should speak with your doctor before making any nutritional or supplemental changes to your program to ensure you are healthy enough to do so and that it won’t interfere with any medications or conditions you may have. This article is only for informational purposes and is not meant to treat or diagnose any disease.

What is an Alkaline Body?

Good news! By nature, your body should already be in an alkaline state. When looking at alkalinity and acidity, anything above a pH level of 7 is considered alkaline. A normal human alkaline body will have a blood pH level of 7.4. 

One aspect of health and your ability to maintain it comes down to an acidic or alkaline body. A healthy body will maintain alkalinity, while an unhealthy body will dip down into a lower pH level — making it more acidic. 

It’s incredibly difficult for diseases to survive in an alkaline body. That said, if your pH level drops into an acidic state, you may also notice a lower oxygen concentration in the blood. This creates the perfect storm for foreign pathogens, bacteria, viruses, etc., to infiltrate the body, get past your immune defenses, and cause you to get sick.

Maintaining an alkaline body is imperative to overall health and longevity. When you look at the oxygen concentration of blood, acidic blood has lower oxygen levels and higher hydrogen levels. As you can imagine, this is not ideal. Every cell of your body and entire being demands oxygen. Without it, cells can die — making you more susceptible to disease and illness.

A little further down in this article, we will discuss what causes your body to turn more acidic, but first, let’s talk about how you can promote an alkaline body.

How Can You Promote an Alkaline Body?

If you decide to go down this rabbit hole of creating a more alkaline body, you can go as far as following an actual “Alkaline Diet.” To be brutally honest with you, not many people will take things to this extent unless recommended by their doctor to help treat some sort of illness or disease. Otherwise, there are many different things you can implement into your nutrition and lifestyle to help build an alkaline body.

Some of the things you can start implementing into your lifestyle and nutrition plan to promote an alkaline body include:

  • Drinking water throughout the day and maintaining proper hydration levels
  • Maintaining steady blood sugar levels
  • Consuming healthy and nutrient-dense meals and snacks
  • Reducing sugar intake
  • Minimizing caffeine
  • Taking in adequate vitamins and minerals through food and supplements
  • Eating more food that is GMO-free, organic, and fresh
  • Adding more raw, green vegetables to your nutrition plan
  • Utilizing more nuts and seeds with your daily snacks
  • Throwing away products that are loaded with chemicals (cleaning products, shampoo, etc.)
  • Walking more throughout the day
  • Fitting in workouts that include both cardiovascular and resistance exercise

What Makes Your Body More Acidic?

Creating an alkaline body can take some work and dedication. Unfortunately, you can quickly unravel things and shift your blood into a more acidic state by putting things in your body that can do it harm, and that isn’t ideal for your overall health.

Some common things that can make your body more acidic include:

  • Eating meat, fish, eggs, cheese, butter, shellfish, sugar, processed food, refined food, MSG, preservatives
  • Drinking milk, coffee, alcohol, and soda
  • Using tobacco products
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Environmental factors

The Benefits of Creating an Alkaline Body

One of the most significant advantages of an alkaline body is the improved oxygen levels in the body to help fuel the organs, muscles, cells, and various systems of the body. That said, there are many other benefits you can experience when you move into an alkaline body, which includes:

  • Having more energy
  • Improving the health of your tissues
  • Enhancing weight loss
  • Heightening cognition and brain function
  • Reducing muscle tissue breakdown
  • Boosting cardiovascular health
  • Reducing the risk of chronic diseases
  • Helping improve cell functioning
  • Reinforcing bone health

How Can You Test Your pH Level?

The best way to test your pH level is first thing in the morning upon waking. pH tests usually entail a urine analysis, which will provide you with your current blood pH level. The nice thing is, you don’t need to go to your doctor’s office, clinic, or lab in order to test your pH level to see if you have a more alkaline body — you have the ability to conduct the test yourself in the privacy of your own home. 

pH urine strip tests can be purchased from many big-box retailers or online for easy and convenient access. 

A Simplistic Way to Promote Alkalinity

When it comes to boosting your health and creating a more alkaline body, Holistic Bin has been at the forefront of holistic and natural supplements and ingredients. They thoroughly vet every ingredient that they source and look at the latest research when bringing new supplements to the market.

Their latest creation is a red/green alkaline supplement in capsule form. Quick, easy, and convenient to take. Each 500mg capsule contains beneficial phytoplankton combined with Astaxanthin. The duality of the red and green algae used in their product promotes several health benefits and supports healthy oxygen levels in the blood.

If you don’t feel like your diet is on point and want to ensure you’re supporting an alkaline body, adding such a supplement from Holistic Bin would be a great asset. Whether you want to improve your health or increase oxygen levels for intense workouts, Holistic Bin has you covered! Try it for yourself and experience all of the benefits this supplement has to offer.

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