Optimize Your Energy Levels with Clean Green L-Theanine Stack

Wouldn’t it be nice to energize your mind and body without all the adverse side effects of overstimulating? How many times did you drink too much caffeine and find yourself shaking like a leaf and feeling like your heart was about to pound a hole through your chest? Well, you’re not alone. Which is precisely why Holistic Bin has created the Clean Green L-Theanine Stack.

The Clean Green L-Theanine Stack is one of the Olympic-Grade groupings of products to come from Holistic Bin. Let’s dive into the topic a little further and get a better understanding of the needs as well as the benefits you can achieve through its use.

The Over-Caffeinated Population

We live in a world where people are burning the candle stick at both ends, trying to accomplish an endless list of daily tasks. This causes many people to go to bed late and get up early in order to fit everything into their busy and chaotic schedules. Add in the fact that individuals are trying to balance their professional life with their home life, and you’ve created the perfect storm for burnout.

How do people cope with low energy levels and sporadic focus? Caffeine. 

Drive past any Starbucks across the nation and, regardless of the time, there’s a line of cars wrapped around the building waiting for their energizing cup of Joe. One cup on the way to work, another while at work, then another, and another — you get the idea. At the rate people consume coffee and caffeine, they should just consider an IV drip. We are over-caffeinated, and it’s affecting our ability to perform (both mentally and physically), not to mention the potential health risks and adverse side effects.

Additionally, something that not many people think about is that the body builds up a tolerance and dependency on caffeine. When 60mg no longer provides you with the energy and focus you need, the dosage needs to go up. 60mg turns into 100mg. 100mg turns into 200mg. So on and so forth. Before you know it, you may be taking in nearly a gram of caffeine throughout the day just to feel like you’re able to function normally. This dependency is a slippery slope.

Caffeine consumption is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you get the energy and focus benefits, which may seem like a good thing and a positive. Unfortunately, when people abuse caffeine daily, they become addicted, and when they are low on their daily dose of java juice, they may find themselves moody, unmotivated, lacking energy, suffering from withdrawal headaches, and may even find they are shaky. 

Abusing caffeine can lead to blood pressure issues, heart problems, an energy crash as the effects wear off, and allowing the caffeine to run the machines that we call our brain and body. We tend to lose control of our own functioning and rely heavily on caffeine to control the computer system of the human body. For that reason, many should consider a hard reset. That’s where the Clean Green L-Theanine Stack comes into play.

Make the Switch to the Clean Green L-Theanine Stack

The Holistic Bin Clean Green L-Theanine Stack is an L-Theanine and phyto stack. The clean energy and phyto sources possess a magnitude of benefits — both mentally and physically. The precise pedigree of ingredients is what sets this stack apart from anything else available on the market. Instead of using supplements that have been manufactured and created in a lab artificially, the Clean Green L-Theanine Stack contains natural and health-focused ingredients.

Unlike many stimulants on the market today, the Clean Green L-Theanine stack does not cause the energy crash that many people worry about. You’ve probably experienced this at the worst possible moment when you need that boost in energy, but the next thing you know, you’re experiencing an energy crash where you’re tired, exhausted, sleepy, and lacking cognition and clarity. If this happens in the middle of the day, you can expect your productivity to take a nosedive. The good news is that you don’t get any of those adverse effects with the Clean Green L-Theanine Stack.

The Clean Green L-Theanine Stack is made up of Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Tea Powder, Japanese Ashitaba Tea Powder, American Ginseng Powder, and Hawaiian Moringa Powder. 

What benefits does the Clean Green L-Theanine Stack provide?

  • Boost in clean energy
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Adaptogenic properties
  • Super dense phytonutrients
  • No energy crashes
  • No build-up in tolerance

Whether you’re an elite athlete, business executive, or merely someone who needs a little extra push to get them through the day, the Clean Green L-Theanine Stack is the perfect choice.

Not All Ingredients Are Created Equal

As touched on earlier in this article, not all products and ingredient profiles are created equal. You have your basic formulas, and then you have the top tier. The Clean Green L-Theanine Stack falls under the latter. 

And let’s be honest, why would you settle for anything less than the best?

Holistic Bin sources only the highest quality ingredients for their products and ensures no corners are cut to pad margins. The focus has always been and always will be to provide the consumer with the best possible product to achieve the best results and benefits possible.

Some of the most sought-after botanicals and herbs are grown throughout the world in areas off the beaten path. Many consider the finest to be on a remote series of volcanic islands in Japan due to the rich volcanic soil, which is precisely where Holistic Bin went to source ingredients. 

American Ginseng is an extremely potent and beneficial form of ginseng. It provides calming energy and enhancements in brain function while also having a more dense nutrient base than many other sources.  

Ceremonial matcha is slowly taking the industry by storm and replacing things like green tea powders. Ceremonial matcha is shade-grown and baby leaf selected. This provides it with a less bitter, higher phytonutrient profile, and keener L-Theanine properties.

When you demand the highest quality ingredient to align with your wants and needs, Holistic Bin has you covered with the Clean Green L-Theanine Stack. Try it today and experience all of the benefits for yourself!

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