Proper Storage for Organic Batch Products

Holistic Bin
Our products are shipped/stored in natural materials such as rice paper (silver), recycled brown kraft paper, & foil liners. The foil liner helps keep out UV light & can stave off damaging elements.

  • The proper handling of natural powders or capsules is to store them in a cool, dry space. Glass jars or bottles are the ideal containers to store natural products for best preservation.
  • Proper storage of these healthy foods is both nutritionally beneficial and economical saving money over time.
  • Best practice is to take the products out of the foil bags & transfer them by funnel into dark glass jars with secure or screw lids. Glass jars may be stored in cupboards or refrigerators. The dark shade of glass color plays a hand in warding off UV light. Clear glass is fine storage caddies but still allows beams of UV light to get absorbed into the product.

  • Green, blue, or amber glass does a much better job at reducing UV exposure.

  • Violet or purple glass are the best storage containers for all food and beverage products.

  • Miron (Violet) Glass comes in all shapes & sizes. The wide mouth jars are very easy to access on a continuous basis.

  • Get some water resistant labels to keep accurate date & content. Next you are going to want some quality, one piece, dishwasher safe lids/closures.
UV jars

The ideal jars to store the product in are called UV glass jars or Violet glass jars which can be bought on Miron and Infinity Jars resellers. These jars blocks out the damaging visible light rays while allow portions of infrared light waves and UV-A rays keeping the products inside fresher for a longer period of time.

We chose to have our products (mainly in powdered form) packed in eco-friendly soft packaging to reduce storage, shipping, and packaging cost to make it affordable for the consumers.

Invest in your health!! Start off with high quality glass jars that can be reused time over time, protect health nutrients, save money.

Let's keep our quality products stored properly & Best of Health!!
- Team Holistic Bin

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