PS 50 and AlphaSize

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What is PS 50?

PS 50, also known as SerinAid, is a patented Phosphatidylserine chemical used to help boost physical and mental performance. It is a phospholipid compound that comes from soy lecithin that plays an important part in cell membrane composition and intercellular communication.
PS 50 is a chemical that is essential for various functions in our body, mostly in the brain. You can find small amounts of PS in many foods. It is a part of the cell structure in our body. The body is capable of making phosphatidylserine, but most of it comes from the food we consume. It can also be consumed in a supplement form. PS 50 is used to enhance athletic performance, among other various purposes.
Let’s look at some of the health benefits of supplementing with PS 50.

Health Benefits of PS 50
The best thing about SerinAid (PS 50) is that it can be used by anyone as long as they have spoken to their doctor and does not interfere with any other medications that they are on. It is an extremely powerful and effective ingredient that offers many benefits. Below are some of the most common benefits.

  • Improves Memory and Cognitive Behavior

Memory is, without any doubt, essential for the process of learning, so any supplement that improves memory will improve cognitive behavior and learning ability. PS 50 has been known to support learning directly because of the positive effect it has on concentration and attention span.
Learning keeps you sharp and can lead to an exciting lifestyle. Boosted memory can have many benefits, such as improved work potential, better interaction with others due to better memory, and many other benefits.

  • Promotes Athletic Nutrition Performance

Phosphatidylserine has been proven to increase recovery, improve well-being, prevent muscle soreness, and might have ergogenic effects in athletes involved in endurance training, weight training, and cycling. PS 50 has been studied extensively and found to be an effective supplement to combat exercise-induced stress as it blunts the increase in cortisol levels during exercise.
PS 50 promotes a sensible hormonal balance for athletes and bodybuilders and might reduce the physiological weakness that comes with overstretching or overtraining.

  • Fighting Age-related Cognitive Decline

As we get older, we experience some noticeable decline in our cognitive functions, such as memory loss, maintaining concentration, and so on. There are over 3,000 published research papers and 60+ clinical trials that have shown that PS 50 can rejuvenate brain cell membranes and can therefore:

  • Increase mental acuity
  • Strengthen memory
  • Boost learning process
  • Decrease stress levels (when you are old or young)
  • Intensify your concentration
  • Increase attention span
  • Improve mood

Besides the benefits mentioned above, SerinAid can be profusely advantageous for athletes. When we work out, mostly resistance training or cardiovascular exercise, we should be in a state of ultimate focus. Without focus, you may get injured as well as find you don’t see the results you desire. The focus and cognitive advantages of PS 50 help you to become aware of yourself, your spatial awareness, as well as how your muscles are being stimulated. You want to have a solid min-muscle connection when in the gym, and the use of this ingredient can help you achieve precisely that.

What is AlphaSize?
AlphaSize is an effective choline compound that helps improve brain metabolism to boost memory, focus, sports performance, and overall cognitive response. This special compound does magic because it can efficiently reach the brain. Choline is a water-soluble organic compound that is a vital nutrient to the body.
As a health supplement, AlphaSize is supposed to help you release growth hormones in your body. So, this would be quite beneficial to anyone who wants to gain muscle and lose fat. Our growth hormone starts to decrease as we age. In addition, it is also known to make the brain work smarter.
Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (Alpha GPC) is often used medically as a memory aid. It is also effective in sports medicine and nutrition programs to improve muscular power output, lessen fatigue, and sharpen agility.

Benefits of AlphaSize
AlphaSize is known to be an effective “GH secretagogue,” which means, through sophisticated metabolic functions, choline increases human growth hormone (HGH) secretion, which is a master hormone that regulates basal metabolism and body composition in parts.

Hence, AlphaSize can be one of the most important supplements to help you sustain a healthy body composition, reduce fat mass, retain lean muscle mass and strength, and help maintain youthful vigor.
Here are some important benefits associated with the use of AlphaSize:

  • Improves essential brain functions such as learning, focus, recall, memory, and concentration.
  • Help increase cell to cell communication via neuromuscular optimization, improving muscular power output, and agility for athletic and active people.
  • Promote acetylcholine (AC) formation, a vital neurotransmitter compound involved in all essential brain functions and mental sharpness.
  • AlphaSize makes physiological production and maintenance of HGH (human growth hormone), which is the body’s main hormone for maintaining vitality, body composition, and youth factor.

AlphaSize Supplement for Training
AlphaSize is highly beneficial for training. Using the mind-muscle connection is vital to target particular training of specific muscle groups. Using an AlphaSizesupplement helps you to focus more and improve the benefits of your effort.
With the use of AlphaSize, you can get a better and stronger mind-muscle connection because of the cognitive triggering components that will increase your focus on training. Having a sorted mind-muscle connection will help you to fully contract the muscle, which activates more muscle fibers and breaks them down so they can rebuild again and grow back stronger.
With the benefit of its ability to delay fatigue, AlphaSize helps you stay motivated and focused for a long time when you are working out. AlphaSize has specific applications in anti-aging, mental performance, and sports nutrition and supplements.

Looking to Utilize These Supplements?
It’s difficult to dismiss the fact that PS 50 and AlphaSize (Alpha GPC) are amazing supplements that can boost cognitive functioning and processing. These supplements have been shown to help boost physical and mental performance.

If you’re looking to try some of these supplements, you can get them from Holistic Bin. They have a straight PS 50 powder along with an Alpha GPC powder. Both of these powders are of the highest quality and can be mixed in your beverage of choice.

Do you want to maximize your mental and physical performance? If so, then look no further than PS 50 and AlphaSize!

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