Should You Consider Getting a Dog DNA Kit for Your Pup?

Should You Consider Getting a Dog DNA Kit for Your Pup?

Getting a dog DNA kit seems to be the craze right now. Have you made your purchase yet?

A dog DNA kit is a great way for dog owners to address concerns about their dog’s health, as most dog owners would do anything they can to protect the health of their furry little friend. Dogs are an important part of our community and life as they provide us with warmth, comfort, and companionship.

While pets often become family members, many dog owners need to figure out what to do to take optimum care of their four-legged friends.

With a dog DNA kit, you can get to know your pup better than before, as you will learn about its genetics and ancestry. A dog DNA test could add more years to your dog’s life as well by addressing concerns in advance. You will get insights into your dog’s family tree, breed, health, and more with only a simple cheek swab.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what a dog DNA kit is and why you (and your pooch) can benefit from getting one.

What is the Purpose of a Dog DNA Kit?

Human DNA testing has become quite popular over the years, and it was just a matter of time before the same got discovered for our four-legged friends. The purpose of the dog DNA kit is different from human testing. The typical goal with dog DNA kits is to find out the breed that resides within your dog’s genetics.

There is another purpose that is also quite important. DNA tests also check your furry friend for various gene-specific disorders or diseases. Your pup could be a carrier of certain illnesses or be at risk of developing a permanent and chronic disorder.

With the help of a dog DNA kit, you can rule out the possibility of any risk of illnesses, diseases, or disorders.

How Does Dog DNA Kit Testing Work?

DNA Kit Testing

Dog DNA testing is a simple, non-invasive test that can be done at home. You can purchase a DNA test kit, and all you will need is a sample of your dog’s saliva and cheek cells to know their genetic information.

The first step is to collect your dog’s DNA. You can use a cheek or ear sample or take a blood sample, but swabs are the most popular choice because they are easy and painless for your dog.

The second step is to submit the results. This can be done by mailing in a saliva collection kit or by uploading a photo of the sample on the brand’s website where you purchased the dog DNA kit from.

The third and final step is to wait for your results. The turnaround time for results is usually under two weeks but can take up to six weeks in some cases, depending on how busy the lab is at that time and how many other dogs are being tested at that moment.

4 Reasons You May Want to Get a Dog DNA Test

A dog DNA test can tell you a lot about your pet’s health, personality, and potential health problems. Some people don’t even realize how much they can learn from a simple saliva or blood test.

Here are four main reasons why you may want to get your dog’s DNA test done.

1.     Identifying possible health risks

One of the most important reasons for getting a dog DNA test is to uncover any possible health risks. This is especially true if you have a purebred dog because there are certain diseases that run in specific families of dogs. These can be as simple as heart problems or as serious as cancer.

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Knowing what types of conditions may affect your pet, you can take steps to prevent them from happening or treat them early enough so that they don’t cause too much harm.

After getting the test done with the help of a dog DNA kit, you can find out what conditions your furry friend may encounter in the future. You can take preventive steps such as incorporating some supplements and nutrition in your pup’s diet so they have a strong immune response to the illness.

2.     Learn about your pup’s traits

A dog DNA kit can reveal information about traits. For example, if you are interested in Golden Retrievers, you will want to know that these dogs are known for being very friendly and good with children. They are also known for being easy to train and having a good temperament. Your knowledge of what traits your dog has will help you choose the right dog for your family and lifestyle.

A dog DNA kit is used to determine the characteristics of your pet’s fur and skin. This information can be used to determine whether or not your dog will have certain medical issues later on in life. It also allows you to know if your dog has any genetic traits that might make it difficult for them to live in specific environments.

3.     Choosing a breed

After learning about the various breeds of dogs available, it is time to choose one that fits your needs and lifestyle best. If you’re looking for a specific breed for your dog, then looking at DNA tests can definitely help you narrow down which breeds you should look for.

With so many different breeds out there, it can be challenging to decide which one would fit best with your family and lifestyle. Knowing exactly what breed your dog has will make this choice easier because you’ll only need to choose from among those breeds that match up with yours.

4.     Important for animal shelters

Genetic testing can also be helpful to animal shelters and rescue groups. It can help them find the right home for dogs that may not be able to find a forever family on their own. For example, if a dog has a hereditary disease like epilepsy or blindness, a rescue group might decide not to adopt her out because people might not want her. If they knew in advance that she was positive for these conditions, they could let people who already have other dogs with these conditions know that they would be a good match.

A study found that half of the Pit Bulls in Florida shelters had no DNA linked to American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or any other breeds that lumped into the Pit Bull category of dog breeds.

Improve the Health of Your Dog

To take things one step further, you should pay close attention to the food and supplements you provide your dog, as they aren’t all created equal.

Using a dog DNA kit is one step in ensuring your dog’s health is top of mind, but the next is providing it with the nutrients needed to stay healthy. That’s where Holistic Bin comes into play.

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If you want to help your dog stay healthy and playful, look into adding some of our dog supplements to your furry little friend’s nutrition plan!

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